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Effective distribution of food rations can guarantee no hunger to needy people

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With the most recent new infections and current stay-at-home order, along with restrictions in Yangon Region, authorities are preparing to distribute free food to the region’s poor population. Infections have surged to hundreds of new cases per day over the past weeks nationwide. Most of the recent new infections have been in Yangon.
While the Union Government is taking necessary measures to contain the spread of the virus and ensure effective food grain supply to the poor amidst the strict stay-at-home restriction in most parts of the country, especially in Yangon Region, it announced on Tuesday that it has set aside K1000 billions fund to tackle the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, the Ministry of Commerce has stockpiled the essential food supplies to a certain extent and measures would be taken to purchase more essential food supplies and to distribute them to the people.
Hence, local authorities, who would take a role in distribution of the food, must ensure effective food ration distribution to the needy people amidst the COVID-19. Only then, no one goes hungry during these challenging times.
Five kinds of necessary commodities were successfully supplied to the people with no regular income during the first wave of COVID-19. We believe that the allocation of free distribution of food to needy populations would be effective by making the best use of experiences we gained during the first wave of COVID-19.
Special attention will need to be devoted to people left without an income, especially those living off the informal sector, because they are being hit hard by the effects of the stay-at-home measures required by the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
Safeguarding food reserves against hoarding and preventing shortages will also be needed to ensure the availability of basic staples and limit speculation. We make sure there is food on the table for the unemployed, the poor and other vulnerable populations during the second wave of COVID-19. To achieve this, the local authorities cannot do it alone. Every citizen is obliged to take responsibility. Our collective strength can help us overcome all challenges.

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