Efficient Police Force vital to public security

The police are essential to civil stability and tranquility. When the police are efficient, the public can live safely and peacefully. This is because the most important responsibility of a police force is to enforce laws and to provide public security. When the police are inefficient, public security is jeopardised.
We have seen many incidents in which the police often fell victim to resistance from lawbreakers. About a year ago, a murder suspect attacked and killed a police officer with knife who tried to arrest him in a township in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. A few months later, more police officers were attacked and killed by another fugitive in Thanhlyin, a satellite town of Yangon. Since then, public security has been deteriorating in the entire country and more crimes of a cruel nature are occurring and being discussed. Public security is dwindling. City dwellers feel unsafe even in their homes behind multiple-locked doors in broad daylight. In the countryside, where only a few policemen are deployed, the situation may be even worse. The rural security situation was highlighted by recent violent raids on border police posts in northern Rakhine State.
The police were taken aback by the violent attacks, and a number of policemen sacrificed their lives for their country and many others were injured. Many weapons were looted and local people had nowhere to take refuge. Although the police were overpowered by the violent attackers, one of the weaknesses of the police is the lack of combat readiness, according to high-ranking police officers. There may be many reasons behind the tragedy but the first victim of the inefficiency is the public security. Local people in the attacked areas are feeling unsafe even in their village. It is of great relief to learn that India, during the State Counsellor’s recent visit, agreed to support Myanmar in creating police training infrastructure and share expertise in developing training manuals, including forensics and cyber security. An efficient police force is essential to stability and security of the people.

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