Efficiently use fuel oil without waste for saving State finance


Today, the government expedites efforts for the enhancement of services related to the public transport system including rail transportation, bus transportation, aviation service and watercraft transportation for convenient travelling of the people.
To be able to accomplish the missions, the entire people need to participate in the development tasks of the nation by efficiently using the fuel.
Reliable statistics showed that there are more than one million various kinds of automobiles and over six million motorcycles in the country. For example, if these motorcycles reduce half a tin of condensed milk of fuel per day, the whole country can save more than 120,000 gallons of fuel daily. Likewise, if each car cuts the use of a litre of fuel, the whole country can save more than 120,000 gallons of fuel daily.
In respect of today’s street price of fuel, a gallon of fuel oil is roughly valued at K6,000. So, the country can save K1.5 billion from the consumption of fuel at motorbikes and vehicles on a daily basis. To have such a success, all the people need to join hands with the government for the realization of the missions.
Myanmar imported more than 4.12 million tonnes of fuel in 2021, spending US$2,496.652 million. Spending a large sum of foreign exchange was based on the weakness of public transport which pushes the people to use their owned vehicles.
Moreover, many drivers from YBS bus lines under the Yangon Region Transport Committee break the disciplines in a running process. They are in the competitiveness of driving with each other as an act of wasting fuel. They stop at the bus stops for a long time to wait for passengers, whoever cannot know when those passengers will arrive there. So, the drivers waste time and fuel in their transport services. Indeed, they have to abide by traffic rules and the disciplines adopted by the YRTC as part of the regular driving of buses. If so, hundreds of thousand fuel gallons can be saved per day.
In implementing the public transport service, officials need to scrutinize the daily running of buses. These buses consume a large volume of fuel daily but such consumption must be efficient. As such, the individual people need to save consumption of fuel while the government should improve the services of trains, buses and vessels in the public transport service.

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