Efficiently use summer holidays for children


Now is a summer holiday period for both the students and young children in Myanmar. Families and schools allow children to take the summer vacation as the season is hot and dry for hardship to do something for the children.
Schools in various forms, such as government schools at different levels and private schools as well as monastic schools, allow the summer vacation for students and children. So, some children spend their time with happy moves such as playing events, games, and other habitual activities.
Indeed, although the summer is not adequate to hardly do something, everybody should spend their spare time valuably. They should manage their children to do light learning and practice without pressure. The moves of children should not be useless. Their efforts and keenness should be transformed into the proper practices of initiatives to be able to contribute to their life.
Generally, local authorities and leaders of households need to arrange training courses for children during the summer holidays. Such a kind of training course must give at least one thing of knowledge or technique to the children. These courses must uplift the characteristics of children.
As such, the summer courses must enhance the moral ethic of children for their life, and some vocational courses should help improve their morality as part of efforts to bring the white soul into society. Actually, these investments cannot harvest the fruits immediately. When the children grow up, they themselves will enjoy the fruits of their correct activities in the summer holidays.
These summer courses will not cost too much for the children. But, these courses would have brought invaluable results to society. These courses will be a drive to nurture the children in their childhood when the children do not have a rooted attachment to the isms. Their souls are whitish. Their hearts should be shaped for the children to have a concept of benevolence for society throughout their life.
So, society authorities and householders should not miss the valuable chance to shape the basic life of children during the summer holidays. But, they all need to take care of their arrangements so as not to burden the children with difficult exercises. Discarding the ways for tension and pressures of children, these training courses should be attractive to them for seeking new experiences.

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