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Eight earthquakes hit Myanmar within eight days

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The epicentre of the quake.

During the eight days from 28 June to 5 July 2022, earthquakes jolted inside Myanmar eight times, according to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.
An earthquake with a 3.7 Richter Scale hit the area, 63 miles west of Kanbalu earthquake observatory camp at 12 hours 24 minutes 56 seconds MST on 28 June, and one more earthquake with a 4.7 Richter Scale in the area, 65 miles south-southeast of Tamu observatory camp at 00 hour 31 minutes 56 seconds MST on 30 June and another one with 5.4 Richter Scale in the area 22 miles east-southeast of Kengtung observatory at 1 hour 24 minutes 42 seconds MST on 30 June.
Similarly, a slight earthquake with a 3.8 Richter Scale shook in the area 10 miles east and southeast of Kengtung observatory camp at 17 hours 43 minutes 47 seconds MST on 1 July, and a moderate earthquake with a 4.8 Richter Scale in the area 36 miles northeast of Kengtung camp at 21 hours 31 minutes 37 seconds MST on 2 July, and another moderate earthquake with 4.8 Richer Scale in the area 82 miles west-northwest of Nay Pyi Taw camp at 8 hours 56 minutes 14 seconds MST on 3 July.
A slight earthquake with a 3.0 Richter Scale in the area, two miles west-southwest of Kaba Aye camp at 7 hours 39 minutes 03 seconds on 5 July and another one with a 3.5 Richter Scale jolted in the area 72 miles south west of Nay Pyi Taw camp at 22 hours 59 minutes 58 seconds MST on 5 July. — GNLM

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