Eight softshell turtles released

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Staff from forestry department release eight soft shell turtles in the Dokhtawaddy river. Photo: Than Oo (Laymyethnar)

the Forestry department seized a total of 94 turtles from a passenger vehicle at Yaypu check point, Hsenwi Township, Shan State on 19 July. The illegal turtles have been sent to the Ban Bway tortoise conservation camp, in cooperation with Nawnghkio forestry department.
Authorities then conserved them at the Ban Bway tortoise conservation camp. Of the 94 turtles, 79 yellow-footed tortoises, six black turtles and one Arakan forest turtle have received treatment. Among the four species of turtles, eight Myanmar softshell turtles were released in Dokhtawaddy River as there is not enough space to conserve them in the long-term. Before that, authorities provided treatment and food at Ban Bway camp.
The eight Myanmar softshell turtles have been released in Dokhtawaddy River on 15 August.


Than Oo (Laymyethnar)

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