El Nino reduce the flow of Pyin Oo Lwin waterfall

People visit Pwe Kauk waterfall in PyinOoLwin.
People visit Pwe Kauk waterfall in PyinOoLwin.

Mandalay the early drying up this year of Kehlaung river has caused a reduction in the flow of the well-known Pwe Kauk waterfall, located near the village of the same name in
Pyin Oo Lwin,according to the Pwe Kauk waterfall management office.
The flow of water cascading over the Pwe Kauk waterfall usually starts to diminish with the arrival of the Thingyan festival (Buddhist New Year) in the second week of April, but this year saw the waterfall start to shrink much earlier, from the beginning of March, it is known.
“The negative effects of the, stronger than usual, El Nino weather front have been felt more distinctly in lower parts of the country:cracks appearing on scorched landscapes and scarcities of water. Then there’s lessening rain fail which has caused water sources [in this part of the country] to dry up; rocks of the waterfall which are usually covered by flowing water are now visible.” said U Chan Thar, a person of responsibility from the Pwe Kauk water management office.
The aforementioned waterfall was given the name BE Fall in 1949 and looked after by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Armed Forces), while the surrounding forest is managed by the Department of Forestry.
Recent urban housing expansion, to accommodate an increasing population, has seen the destruction of large, ageing trees, which has being a factor resulting in the drying up of natural sources of water in the vicinity to the Pwe Kauk waterfall.
“People in the past used to know the waterfall by the name BE Fall. These days, people know it as the Pwe Kauk waterfall. The water flowing down the waterfall used to be really strong. The building of roads nearby put has put an end to the flow of water [into the waterfall] from natural sources. This year is very different to the year previous. The diminishing flow of water is very stark.” said Ko Win Aye, an annual visitor to the waterfall.
The Pwe Kauk waterfall features over a hundred souvenir shops and eateries to cater for visitors, according to the waterfall management office.

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