Election commission seeks cooperation from ministries to hold by-election

The Union Election Commission has urged relevant ministries to cooperate in preparation for holding an April-1 by-election.
At the consultation meeting between the UEC and seven ministries, UEC’s Chairman U Hla Thein said respective election commissions at different levels are carrying out door-to-door scrutiny-cum-data collection. Hence, respective ministries are requested to co-operate in the activity.
By-elections for 19 vacant parliamentarian seats at different levels in respective constituencies is slated to be held on 1 April 2017, with the time schedule for the election process released.
“It is clearly promulgated in the law to compile voter lists for by-elections based on the voter lists of 2015 general elections”, said U Hla Thein.
In regard to casting votes in advance for voters who have been abroad with the permission of the government, arrangements will be made in consultation with the Foreign Ministry for a smooth process, he added. The chairman of the UEC also called on the Ministry of Education to help election booths for the upcoming by-elections to be built in schools where previous election booths were located and to help teaching staff to perform when they are in charge of voting booths during elections.
“Especially, local and foreign election observatory units are to be allowed to be free, fair and above-board by-elections 2017,” said the chairman.
Afterward U Tin Tun, secretary of the UEC, explained in detail the working process under way and responsible officials from ministries pointed out weaknesses found in previous 2015 general elections and plans for their cooperation in the by-elections to come, according to their respective sectors.—Myanmar News Agency

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