Elections are symbol of democracy

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In accordance with the 2008 constitution, all of Myanmar’s national representatives, save for 25 percent of defence services representatives, are directly chosen via general election. For instance, winning representatives in the upcoming general election, scheduled to be held in late October or early November, along with defence services representatives will choose three presidential candidates, one of whom will become the president of the Union.
Therefore, the general election is more important for Myanmar than other countries where balance of power has been exercised for a long time. As history has shown, defects in elections can mar the success of the legislature and administrative branch, as well as other branches, including the judicial branch, and hinder the successful implementation of government policies.
The fewer the defects there are in the general election, the better the government and the parliament can lead the people and country. As elections are also a symbol of democracy, nobody in Myanmar should allow any mistakes in the election process. Everyone should cooperate with election sub-commissions. Likewise, all election sub-commissions should welcome whoever renders a helping hand to correct errors. If they are not corrected as soon as they are found, people will suffer for five years.

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