Elephant conservationist selected for State Counsellor’s gratitude of honour for July

State seal of Myanmar.svg copyRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Office of the State Counsellor
Message of thanks to the people
6th Waxing of Wagaung 1380 ME
(17 August 2018)

1. Conservation of natural environment is simultaneously conserving the natural forests, mountains, lands and waters as well as conserving the wildlife living in the natural forests and mountains. Only then can the mutually interdependent ecosystem of the livings and non-livings will be sustained without any damages. As the natural environment is damaged, there will be more unnatural weather phenomenon that produces more natural disasters. The government is establishing and implementing an economic system that is appropriate to the country for the socio-economic development of the people together with political reforms.

Long term aims were established and efforts made to eradicate illegal trades and instill good practices of abiding the law in the community. Disregarding the enacted established law and taking part in prohibited activities for self-gain are to be suppressed and prevented jointly by the government, people and civil society organizations. Only then can a stable, peaceful community where rule of law prevails be achieved.
2. According to the records, there are a total of about 150 elephants living in the six forest reserves in Ayeyawady Region, Ngaputaw Township. Due to the illegal trade of elephant trunks, and tusks, starting from about 2011, wild elephants were being killed by poachers. The number of wild elephants killed increased in 2013 and now, not only the trunks and tusks but elephant skins and meat were being traded illegally. To prevent the wild elephants from being killed by poachers, protection and conservation works were jointly conducted by the Myanmar Police Force, Forest Department, Wildlife Conservation Society Myanmar (WCS-Myanmar), Friends of Wildlife (FOW) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
3. Since 2013 while serving as head of administration in Tin Chaung Village Tract U Kyaw Myint Tun @ U Tun Lay has been working enthusiastically together with relevant departments, organizations and security forces to protect and conserve the wild elephants from being killed and to expose and apprehend the poachers. Due to this, two poachers were caught in 2016 with arms used to poach wild elephants. In 2017, four flintlock guns and accessories used to kill elephants were seized. Due to these acts, U Kyaw Myint Tun was honored with township award and honored by head of the Ayeyawady Region Police Force. He was jointly presented “Hero of elephant conservation” by the WWF and the FOW.
4. U Kyaw Myint Tun’s father and grandfather had earned a living with their own domesticated elephants and U Kyaw Myint Tun understood the value and usefulness of elephants since he was young and actively participated and cooperated with relevant departments, security forces, and organizations as a volunteer in wild elephant protection and conservation works.
5. Therefore, U Kyaw Myint Tun @ U Tun Lay is being selected as person who ought to be honored for the month of July and this message of thanks has been issued.
6. Just like U Kyaw Myint Tun @ U Tun Lay, the citizens, well-wishers, and civil society organizations are requested to participate in the nation building works based on national spirit with keen efforts and endeavors. U Kyaw Myint Tun @ U Tun Lay is honored and recorded with this message of thanks.

Aung San Suu Kyi
State Counsellor
(Unofficial translation of the Message of thanks to the people from the State Counsellor.)

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