Eleven Media CEO denied bail as prison officials fail to provide medical documents

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The first plenary meeting of JMC in progress.
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Eleven Media CEO seen leaving the court of law.

The bail application of Dr Than Htut Aung, Eleven Media CEO, was rejected by the court as prison medical officials failed to submit medical documents, according to Tamway Township Court Judge Daw Kaythi Haling.
“The accused applied for bail without submitting any evidence and we had to reject it. Although he appeared at the court in a wheelchair or stretcher, prison medical officers did not turn up at the court to give their evidence. So we asked them to submit medical documents related to the accused, but they failed to provide the court with them. As a result, we had to reject the application for bail by the accused,” said Daw Kaythi Hlaing of Tarmway Township Court.
In addition, the letter sent to the court by prison officials did not include any medical documents that showed the accused had received any treatment at prison hospital.
The trial was adjourned until 30 December and U Moe Hein, the plaintiff, will be questioned at trial.
The lawyer for the accused was not sure whether he should make another bail application at the same court or go to a higher court because there were some facts that were contrary to their application in the court’s rejection.
The lawyer of Dr Than Htut Aung applied for bail on health grounds on 9 December but the court rejected it as the lawyer failed to provide the court with medical documents. Previously, the lawyer applied for bail for his client on 30 November but the court rejected the application.
Dr Than Htut Aung, the CEO and U Wai Phyo, the chief edictor, were charged under Section 66 (D) of the Communication Law by Director of Yangon Region Government U Moe Hein for publishing an editorial titled “One year after the elections.”


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