Eliminate illegal trade for booming State economy

Officials concerned and businesspersons need to seek the best solution for minimizing the illegal trade, in addition, to arresting those related to trafficking and storage of illegal commodities as illegal trade is based on the purpose of evading the levying tax on the exported and imported commodities.
Moreover, deterrent action will be taken against those who commit unofficial trading of prohibited and restricted goods. If so, officially imported goods will get good prices whereas businesspersons from the official trading arena will have the chance to enjoy the fruits of the official trading process.
Moreover, unofficial trade is a hindrance to booming the State economy as well as official trade measures. With the aim of developing the market economic system and promoting the trade sector, the government has eased many restrictions on ways to operate the export and import processes for local businesspersons.
The official trade process is based on shipping and aviation services in order to penetrate the international market. Moreover, border trade camps and border trade zones have been established along the border regions between Myanmar and its neighbouring India, China, Thailand and Bangladesh.
So far, four border trade camps are being operated in areas sharing a border with China, eight with Thailand and two each with India and Bangladesh. These camps are handling export and import trading of businesspersons with licences. In addition, the authorities allow merchants to do manageable trading.
Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committees at different levels decided to fight against illegal trade in cooperation with the relevant departments such as the Customs Department and other departments. Moreover, the authorities and departmental officials raid the illegal trade sites and storage areas to be able to take severe action against the lawbreakers in regions and states.
The illegal goods without any official documents may be cheaper than the official goods. But, the formers bring worse impacts on health hazards to consumers. As such, consumers need to choose the best and safe goods on their choice for their consumption, rather than illegal goods without prioritizing the cheaper prices. Only when the authorities eliminate the illegal trade process will the country have a greater volume of official trade, earning income for the State.
As such, relevant organizations need to cooperate with government departments, businesspersons and dutiful locals in taking action against the illegal trade of greedy businesspersons on a wider scale for serving the interests of the State and the people forever.


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