Emergence of Human Resources

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Skills, intellect and technology are of vital importance in building up a nation. Especially, we need more and more skilled technicians and professionals in building up our nation into a modern and developed country. Currently, we are still relying upon other countries regarding industrial products due to lack of sufficient technology and knowledge about building factories and running them. Though the country is rich in minerals and natural resources, inability to turn those raw materials into value-added products is actually because of scarcity of technological know-how and dearth of capital. Capital to be invested for industries can be acquired through loans from various funding sources, but it will be in vain without the mastery of technical knowledge and know-how. Accordingly, every country has to exert concerted efforts to develop technical know-how and scientific knowledge.
    Once in the past, Myanmar can be said to have produced qualified technicians and technological experts. Technical knowledge was taught systematically at the technical high schools (THSs). Among them, Bahan (Natmauk) and Insein THSs were known to be in the elite category. Technical high schools were opened in other townships as well. Those who passed the basic education middle school exams with science combination were eligible to join THS, being conferred with government-acknowledged diplomas. As for students who passed BEHS exams but did not get the required marks to join the Institutes of Technology, they could attend THSs. Successful candidates who passed THS exams with excellent marks were eligible to proceed to learn at Institutes of Technology in respective disciplines.
    Diploma and degree holders who completed their learning at THSs and Institutes of Technology were ready to be employed at work-sites. Just after completion of their studies, they managed to serve as petty engineering officers across the nation. They can be said to have been well qualified in their respective occupations. Yet, with changing times, the said schools became less-qualified in teaching, producing less and less qualified technicians. Now we can see the current government reforming these dilapidated schools, performing national development and social progress for all citizens as a priority. The seminar on technology and vocational training held in Nay Pyi Taw last month paved the way for national development. The State Counsellor stressed the importance of vocational training, giving instructions to study the vocational training systems of the advanced countries of the world and to use the systems which were suitable for the country. Now is the time for us to exert our concerted efforts for successful implementation of the State Counsellor’s instructions!
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