Emergency repairs in Yadana offshore natural gas pipeline cause temporary power outage in Yangon

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The picture shows a part of the natural gas pipeline from Yadana offshore natural gas production.

The Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) announced that a temporary power outage in Yangon was the consequence of repairs in the natural gas pipelines of the Yadana offshore block.
Fifty million cubic feet of natural gas from the Yadana oil and natural gas production project are being delivered to Kanpauk-Myaingkalay daily by a 20-inch-diameter pipeline for use by factories in Myanmar. For domestic use, 200 million cubic feet of natural gas are being sent to Kanpauk-Myaingkalay-Yangon and Yadana-Yangon per day through 20-inch-diameter and 24-inch-diameter pipelines respectively.
It is mentioned in the statement that the power generation and transmission capacity into the power system is decreasing by about 433 MW due to the leak in the pipelines.
During the repair of the Yadana offshore natural gas pipeline, a total of 433 MW of power generation and transmission into the power system is decreased as follows — 45 MW from No 1 and 2 Ahlon Power Stations, 115 MW from Tyotothai Power Station, 17 MW from Thakayta Power Station, 45 MW from UPP (Ywama) Power Station, 45 MW from Max Power (Thakayta) Power Station, 60 MW from Hlawga Power Station and 106 MW from U Energy Power Station. According to the statement, there are load reductions in some areas due to reduced power production.
The YESC also declared that emergency load reduction and regulation must be carried out on a part-time basis for the stability of the power system. As such, emphasis is placed on ensuring that there are no shortages in important places, though there will be temporary power failures in some places and townships.
There was also a power outage in most townships in the Yangon region for several hours last week, owing to the leakage of the Zawtika natural gas pipeline and the damage in No 110 and 111 towers of 132 kV Baluchaung-Tikyit power line. — TWA/GNLM

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