Emphasize road safety for road users under prescribed rules

The National Road Safety Council is taking responsibility for the road users to be able to stay away from death and injuries in traffic accidents under the national road safety plan (2021-2030) in cooperation with the people individuals.
In 2018, the Global Status Report on Road Safety released by the World Health Organization mentioned that some 1.3 million people lost lives in road accidents on a yearly basis and more than 50 million people were injured, adding 18.2 per cent of 100,000 global people die of road accidents, most of whom live in Africa and Southeast Asia. Road accident stands eighth in the chart of the root causes of death for human and first for deaths of people between the ages of five and 29 years.
The United Nations adopted the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020) based on the Moscow Declaration released by the Global Ministerial Road Safety Conference held in Moscow of Russia in November 2019 whereas ASEAN countries are also implementing the ASEAN Regional Road Safety Strategic Plan. This being so, Myanmar is realizing the National Road Safety Action Plan(2014-2020) for taking road safety measures.
Implementation of the Decade of Action for Road Safety depends on Road Safety Management, Safer Road and Mobility, Safety Vehicles, Safer Road Users, and Post-Crash Response. In Myanmar, NRSC will continue its efforts to implement visions and action plans of the Myanmar National Road Safety Action Plan (2021-2030).
Article 3.6 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was drawn to reduce 50 per cent of the dead number in road accidents as road safety measure becomes a global problem. As such, global countries are actively participating in the project whereas Myanmar joins the movement as a dutiful country.
It is necessary to take the 5e system — education, engineering, enforcement, emergency medical care and evaluation — being practised by global countries into consideration. All the countries need to choose the relevant prioritized sector for correctly solving the problems of road safety measures on the ground in a short period.
If people in individuals follow road safety measures, if all vehicles are in good condition and if all the roads are safe, road users will be free from road accidents. As such, an emphasis must be placed on the enactment of traffic disciplines, discipline enforcement and taking action against offenders whereas road users need to focus on maintenance of vehicles and careful driving for shaping a good and safe road environment.

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