Empower women for enhancement of livelihoods


Myanmar Women’s Day is celebrated on 3 July each year, honouring the significant role of women who have advanced alongside men in various fields. In modern Myanmar, women actively participate in political, economic, social, and national defence roles, reflecting a global trend of increasing female empowerment.
Historically, Myanmar society confined women to domestic roles, with many spending their lives managing household chores. These women often believed their duty was solely to serve their families. However, contemporary challenges demand the strength and creativity of women. The government’s recognition of women’s contributions to nation-building has fostered confidence among women, encouraging them to look beyond traditional roles.
Educated women in Myanmar now serve in diverse sectors, holding significant positions in public service and various organizations. They exhibit exceptional problem-solving skills comparable to those of their male counterparts. Their collaborative efforts have significantly contributed to national development and improved the socioeconomic conditions of the populace. Women’s initiatives are reshaping society and transforming their lives.
The early 20th century saw a global push for women’s rights, leading to the United Nations designating a day to honour women, who make up more than half of the world’s population. In Myanmar, this movement resulted in the formation of the Myanmar National Women’s Committee and the establishment of Myanmar Women’s Day on 3 July.
Today, organizations like the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association and the Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation work tirelessly to uplift the socioeconomic status of women and the general population. Throughout history, women have independently championed the interests of their families, communities, and nation, standing shoulder to shoulder with men. Significantly, women can apply their creativity in relevant arenas rather than men.
Women are now at the forefront of national reforms aimed at societal improvement. They hold high-level responsibilities across legislative, administrative, and judicial sectors, as well as in politics, economics, social affairs, arts, defence, and security, showing off their brilliant capacity. Maintaining and building upon these achievements is crucial for the continued progress of the nation.
Currently, authorities implement the national-level project on Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence in Conflict during the third term to help women who face abuse and cooperation work with relevant departments and organizations to conduct education programmes regarding women’s rights and gender equality.
All in all, the empowerment and active participation of women in various sectors are vital for the holistic development of Myanmar. Celebrating Myanmar Women’s Day underscores the importance of sustaining and advancing the significant contributions of women to society.

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