Encourage drawing typical calendars for Myanmar society

The Myanmar Calendar Advisory Board is the highest body in managing the compilation of calendars especially typical calendars of Myanmar and Rakhine. Moreover, the board is carrying out drawing the typical calendar for Buddhist monks to calculate the period of the Buddhist lent and compiling the inscriptions of forecasts every year beyond the period of Maha Thingyan.
Myanmar calendar mentions the exact period the Buddhist Lent for members of the Sangha. Thanks to the calendar, those Buddhist monks will have the chance to accurately calculate the Buddhist Lent when they should uphold dos and don’ts not to commit sins and break the religious disciplines called Vinaya of the Lord Buddha.
Likewise, the calendar for Rakhine ethnics will bring good advantages for those ethnics to be able to calculate the days and dates of relevant months whether they can do or not things. In fact, the calendar plays a crucial role in daily lifestyle of relevant ethnic people.
Naturally, all arts and science subjects can fade out if the number of enthusiast declines. Whenever the number of enthusiasts increases, any subjects will improve. With regard to the calculation and drawing of Myanmar calendar, it can be seen that number of new generation youths is gradually declining in the Myanmar society. As such, responsible persons and relevant experts need to encourage the new generation youths to study the Myanmar calendar subject enthusiastically.
Thanks to endeavours of the Myanmar Calendar Advisory Board, a plan is underway to conduct a post-graduate diploma course specializing the Myanmar calendar subject as from May of 2023-24 academic year. In fact, such an effort was made to open the first-ever course related to the calendar by the board within the 73-year period of its term.
The one and a half years course will improve the talent and knowledge of students to be able to initiate the calendars of the society. Those students need to study the subject in the three semesters. So far, veteran experts and scholars from three groups of the board have compiled the curriculums for the diploma course.
Whatever it may be, the post-graduate diploma course will revitalize the Myanmar traditional culture for improving the rules and regulations, calculating techniques, concepts and perception in drawing the relevant calendars to be able to bring advantages to members of the Sangha and the people. If so, they will have the chance to analyze everything in line with the typical calendars for the Buddhist Lent and the daily lifestyle of the people.

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