Encouraging renewable energy key to limiting fossil fuels

We are willing to establishing more renewable energy facilities to pursue its policy goals driven by our energy deficiency, but investment into the sector and assistance are still needed.
As part of efforts for pursuing the country’s clean energy mission set in 2014, the Union Government is providing to communities, which can not access to the electricity grid, with power generated from rivers, with gas and diesel-fired generators while supplying power through its national rid to other parts of the country.
Regarding its shift to renewable energy, the Union Government gave permission to 29 solar- power firms to generate electricity in our country, and the total production capacity of the firms is expected to boost our renewable energy consumption by 14 per cent when the firms are in operation.
Investment and assistance are essential to meet the country’s electricity goal through the renewable energy, we need to expand the use of clean energy such as solar, wind and hydro. To ensure that, we need to upgrade and expand the energy infrastructures including the national power grid system and enough solar and wind power plants. It will also help our country move away from polluting the environment.
It is worth noting that the government is drafting a renewable energy bill while taking steps towards implementation of the energy conservation guidelines, prioritizing energy environmentalism.
Besides, Myanmar will set its target of boosting consumption of renewable energy by 54 per cent from hydro power, solar power and wind power by 2030 if it gets technology and fund assistance from international countries.
We will do anything that we can do to limit fossil fuels and switch to renewables helps the whole planet. Carbon emissions need to be dramatically reduced to prevent the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.
Given that the renewable energy will remain a supplemental power to other fuel sources, we are committed to sticking to the green path to meet our climate and sustainable development goals.
We are confident that we can double our efforts to meeting renewable energy goals with the technical and financial assistance from international communities. In fighting the climate change, our achievement is also yours.

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