“To Strive, to Seek, to Find and not to Yield”
– Tennyson
“Life is a journey; travel it well”
– A maxim
“Actions are ours; consequences belong to
-Author Unknown
“Prince Siddhattha endeavoured relentlessly         to achieve
Enlightenment with the following great vow:
“I shall not get up, until I’ve attained Buddhahood”
– The Ven.Mahasilavumsa
“Individual endeavour should be well organized and properly planned, and must be done with initiative, resourcefulness and persistence”
– Napoleon Hill
Endeavour means: v.t Try, Strive; n: Attempt, Effort.
In order to understand the word ENDEAVOUR more comprehensively, let us analyze it as follows:
E     for     Energy
N     for     Nerve
D     for     Dedication
E     for     Earnest Effort
A     for     Action Plan
V     for     Vision & Value
O    for     Objective & Strategy
U     for     Unique Sense of Accomplishment
R     for     Relentless Pursuit of a Purpose
In every endeavour of any sort, to be effective, energy is the primary prerequisite. Energy means strength, force, power that animates and vitalizes the diligence, effort or endeavour. In every meticulous effort, painstaking energy is quite essential. Here, energy means not only physical strength, but also mental force, emotional passion, and spiritual power. 

Nerve means emotional strength, imperturbability of mind, coolness under pressure and spiritual power. It can also means courage, fortitude and resilience. It also means steadfastness in the face of the vicissitudes of life.
Dedication means single-minded devotion to duty. A dedicated mind carries a sense of total commitment to some cause or purpose. Dedication also means the hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on sort of taking charge of a duty or responsibility. Dedication is the unwavering steadfastness of mind, leaving no stone unturned in the discharge of one’s duties.
An earnest effort is the manifestation of the interplay of the following forces of painstaking struggle:
The Positive Mental Attitude
The Can-Do-Spirit
The Habit of Going the Extra Mile
The Bulldog Tenacity of Purpose
No strategy can be successfully executed without a SMART PLAN OF ACTION. SMART means:
Specific (Purpose & Direction)
Measurable (Outcomes/Results)
Attack (Offensive)
Realistic (in terms of Achievement)
Timeline (Deadline)
An endeavour must be in support of, and in alignment with the set Vision and Values. Every effort must be done for the realization of the established vision, and in total commitment to the set values. The clarion call for action must be ALL FOR THE MISSION (i.g Every thing for the PURROSE of the VISION).

Every endeavour must be done for the purpose of the achievement of the objective/s. And in order to achieve the set objective/s, an effective strategy must be formulated and carried out successfully. All the available resources must be effectively and efficiently deployed for a successful, strategic outcome. (It means strategically doing the right things and tactically doing the things right)
Every endeavour should be carried out proactively.And proactive means not to be passive, static and reactive. Being proactive means to take charge, to be active, dynamic and to purposefully shape the outcome. The desired results must be uniquely achieved and brilliantly delivered.
Every endeavour must be performed with a strong passion, and with a tremendous sense of MISSION. PURPOSE generally means Mission and Mission actually means REASON FOR BEING (in action or in business). Every effort must be made for the integrated accomplishment of the mission. And the set purpose must be pursued indomitably until the final victory.
It is generally said that life is a struggle; life is a journey. It is also poetically said that to live is to fight, to suffer and to love. So, we have nothing to lose but our philosophical poverty in following what St. John had said:
“Not to go forward is
to turn back; and
not to be gaining is
to be losing.’’

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