Energy Globe National Award and Yoe-Sone community forest

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  • Energy Globe Award is the most prestigious environmental award in the sphere of the conservation of the natural environment of the world, awarded annually by the Energy Globe Foundation. Emphatically speaking, it is referred as the Noble Prize in the sphere of conservation for natural environment of the planet. It is annually awarded to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources. For five sectors in all—earth, water, air, fire and youths on a worldwide scale, prizes were awarded initially. But, from 2016 on, a new sector under the name of “sustainable plastic,” was added to the original five. The foundation was established by “Wolfgang Neumann,” an Austrian Energy Entrepreneur.
    Starting from 2000, the Energy Globe Award was awarded in 3 categories—global award, regional award and national award. Energy Globe National Award for 2018 was awarded to Yoe-Sone Community Forest, in Wundwin township, Meikhtila District. It was awarded at the 18th Energy Globe Award Ceremony held at Teheran, Iran on 15 and 16 January 2018. Yoe-Sone Community Forest was chosen by the Myanmar Forest Department, participating in the competition. Becoming a winner of the global award under the management of rural people can be said to be an epoch-making triumph.
    Community Forest was initiated starting from 1995. Its major objective is to upgrade people’s participation in the management of Myanmar’s forest resources. People themselves managed the whole industry whereas the Forest Department took part only in the sector of supporting what were needed. Fascinatingly enough, at the time of starting Community Forest it was designated to support only firewood and wooden posts, the basic necessities for the villagers. But under the instruction issued on 16th August 2016 it was upgraded up to the emergence of forest-orientated economic enterprises. Community Forest was launched as of 2015, consisting of 84 members. It has an area of 550 acres in all. Out of 550 acres, 70 acres were conserved as the natural forest reserve, with the remaining 480 acres divided among families in proportion to grow crops and forest mixed, mainly pulses and jute. To our great delight, we heard that these families managed to gain better living standards of having motor vehicles and houses of their own by selling out resin extracted from jute. Last but not least, we wholeheartedly congratulate efforts of “Yoe-Sone,” Community Forest which managed to implement a regional and national development project.
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