Enhance cooperation among ministries to speed up the fight on drugs


It is our national duty to control the spread of illegal drug use, and the government is also undertaking this task, in line with UN conventions.
To tackle this issue, there must be cooperation with international organizations, NGOs, relevant authorities, organizations and ministries.
The times demand that ministries join with the Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control-CCDAC to effectively carry out their assigned tasks.
Regarding fighting the menace of drugs, we have picked up speed. But, we
As the Union Government is tirelessly combating drug abuse and regularly disseminating news on drugs to the public, all concerned officials must increase the pace of handling drug abuse cases by considering it a national-level duty, according to the President.
Awareness raising campaigns on the dangers of narcotics and providing rehabilitation and treatment to people abusing drugs is also a top priority.
Adhering to existing laws, bylaws, regulations and police ethics are a must for officials concerned with handling drug issues, along with confiscating evidence and ensuring swift management, in line with court orders.
Meanwhile, to speed the battle against drug abuse in the country, those who have contributed to drug control measures should be rewarded and plans should be made to provide alternative farming and livestock rearing options to control drug abuse.
The CCDAC must form its own working groups as necessary, and assign tasks and provide coordination, as well. They must have regular reviews of their accomplishments and administer guidance, as needed.
Our country is located between the two largest chemical mass production countries, as well as shares borders with countries where the international drug market exists.
Myanmar has signed three international drug control conventions, and drug laws have also been enacted and the drug control authority established, in compliance with international conventions and drug control projects that have been carried out.
Myanmar is facing drug problems that are more associated with geographical and political situations. The remote and under-developed regions of our country are suffering from illicit opium cultivation, heroin and methamphetamine production, as well as drug use problems.
Everyone should be concerned with controlling drug abuse, and increase their momentum more than ever.

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