Ensure transparency, responsibility, and accountability in solving farmland issues

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  • While the Union Government is committed to solving the issue of confiscated farmland in accordance with the law, there have been some weaknesses in the review and assessment of complaints and delays in return of confiscated land to the original owners.
    The authorities need to conduct a proper review of confiscated land for the good of the nation and the public, and follow legal procedures without delay. Only then can the confiscated farmland be swiftly returned to the rightful owners.
    In some cases, the government has released the land, but it has been tranferred to the farmers. In some cases, land ownership disputes and squatters have caused delays, even though the ministries concerned have released the farmland.
    Necessary action must be taken against those who are hindering or obstructing the review, release, and return of land by the relevant committees and the utilisation of the land by the rightful owners.
    State and regional governments must not interpret the policies set by the Union Government in any way they want to.
    We must not be smug and arrogant with the titles, salaries, and powers granted to us to do our jobs. The future generation will judge whether we have done our duties properly. So let us perform them well.
    Chief ministers, who are the chairmen of the Nay Pyi Taw and state and region committees, need to push for greater progress on the issue.
    The district, township, ward, and village-tract committees have been given the duty and responsibility to study and understand the policies and procedures set by the government and must work accordingly.
    All should follow the laid out policies and conduct work accordingly. Squatters must be dealt with in accordance with the law and farmers must have their farmland returned to them or given proper compensation, which cannot be taken away from them.
    It is very important for judgments in farmland matters to be true and correct. Departmental organizations tasked with giving reports to the state need to ensure that their data and information are correct.
    The Union Government is striving towards becoming a clean government with good administration. Hence, we need to determine in advance whether public servants are willing to accept responsibility and take accountability. Those involved in solving the issue of confiscated farmland are obliged to work transparently and cooperate with other agencies.
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