Ensuring safe elections when voting in a pandemic

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With advanced voting by our nationals in foreign countries these days, our country’s general elections can be said to be already underway.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 will be the most challenging election year in our country. However, it’s crucial that everyone be able to vote safely. To ensure the safety of casting a ballot at the polling stations on election day, the Union Election Commission will rehearse in-person voting for three times. After reviewing the rehearsals, the UEC will set safety rules and guidelines for voting on November 8, election day.
The UEC will take this important step today to make sure people are protected at the polls.
The incumbent government is gearing up the election process, step by step, to ensure the mechanics of casting ballots, counting ballots and reporting results, including for those who remain in facility quarantine and hospitals.
Voting is the right of every citizen in a democratic country, and our people should also understand that it is their responsibility to follow health rules and guidelines to prevent infection of the disease and not to spread it to others.
The public health crisis poses unforeseen challenges to this year’s elections because of the highly contagious nature of COVID-19.
Meanwhile, since we use Antigen test kits which can produce results much quicker than current tests, over 100 positive cases are found daily.
The more we see the results earlier, the better treatment we can provide to the patients. It is essential to make sure that anyone who tests positive, and all their recent contacts, be immediately isolated and given tests to discover their COVID-19 status with certainty.
In this situation, detecting positive cases before they become most contagious is also essential to fight the pandemic.
The government understands what it needs to do better in response to the pandemic and is taking necessary measures keeping a close watch on the pandemic rules which are changing every day in the world. Hence, so much angst round the voting process is not necessary. But, it is best to be vigilant and cautious. Not to panic. “Be Calm, Wash Your Hands, Wear Face Masks and Maintain Social Distancing.” It should become part of our culture if we venture outside of our homes. This culture would also be helpful for our economy to be on the road to recovery.

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