Environmental degradation is a cause for poverty

Environmental degradation is a cause for poverty in many countries by causing disasters and reducing the capacity of the environment in supplying social and ecological needs.
Excess and overconsumption of natural resources has turned out environmental degradation and has made impacts on essential ecosystem services in mitigating floods and landslides, which, in turn, leads to increased risks from disasters and natural hazards.
Environmental degradation and the associated decline of ecosystems are posing disaster risks. For example, deforestation of slopes may cause landslide hazards. Poor rural households in developing countries are suffering from land degradation and can cause the loss of productive capacity after the quality of fertile soil has declined.
Mangrove ecosystems are affected mainly by the climate and environmental situation of Myanmar. Agriculture, aquaculture and urbanization have removed many areas of mangrove forests which are more vital to the coastal communities in terms of protection service, storm surges, flooding and erosion which are grave risks for coastal communities. This ecosystem stands at the transition between marine and terrestrial ecosystems and provides important services to both.
Mangrove forests provide nursery and breeding areas for many marine species, and they are essential for conserving habitats of healthy fisheries, migratory birds, amphibians and many terrestrial species.
Regarding the regulating services, mangroves are crucial for protecting coastlines from storm surges, flooding and erosion. A decline in mangrove ecosystems can reduce flood regulation functions which protect local communities while posing risks of severe weather conditions.
As the world has seen an increase in population growth and economic development, consumption of natural resources has also surged in energy, transport, urbanization and globalization. Meanwhile, environmental conservation works become essential for countries of the world.
There have been substantial losses of energy, freshwater, forests, marine habitats, clean air and fertile soil from the pursuit of unlimited economic growth.
Therefore, for preventing unsustainable development and poverty, every country needs clear and practical strategies to take care of our environmental problems.

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