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Equally share the future together for Kayin State and the people

As the Kayin State Day ceremony which is one of the significant occasions of Kayin ethnics has been held annually, this year’s anniversary celebration which falls on 7 November 2022 will turn 67.
All kinds of ethnic nationals have been residing in Myanmar since time immemorial sharing outcomes of their future together. As such, traditional heritage, literature, theatrical, music and fine arts have been flourishing for thousands of years. Despite flourishing amicable relations among the ethnic nationals, the national brethren faced disunity among them due to instigation in the colonialist era, causing internal armed conflicts.
Strenuous efforts are being made for the implementation of transport, electrification, agriculture, livestock, education and health sectors in all regions including the Kayin State, to be able to improve the socioeconomy of the region and the people so as to ensure the improvement of multiple sectors across the nation.
With regard to peace, the National Solidarity and Peacemaking Negotiation Committee which is a peace talk machinery to implement the peace process continuously holds information meetings, virtual meetings and official meetings with relevant dialogue partners. It is a symbol for the future nation as well as for the Kayin State.
During the period from February to December 2021 when the government took the State’s responsibilities, the government held talks with NCA signatory ethnic armed organizations 16 times and NCA non-signatory ethnic armed organizations nine times to coordinate the implementation of the peace process and the future peace process.
This year, the Peace Talks Team of the State met with the Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army (KNU/KNLA-PC) and the Democratic Karen Benevolence Army (DKBA) in the peace talks during the three-day period from 16 to 18 September 2022 and signed the approval of both side attitudes based on negotiations.
The active and united cooperation of all ethnic national brethren residing in the Kayin State helps ensure peace, stability and development of the region as the strength for the nation-building endeavours.
Only when the Union government and ethnic armed organizations harmoniously join hands to firmly build national solidarity and national reconciliation which are missions of all as part of ensuring internal peace and national reconciliation will the ethnic national people build a peaceful and tranquil Union.
Currently, the Kayin State is enjoying the fruits of peace and development thanks to the leadership of the State Administration Council and firm concepts and cooperation of the ethnic national people and armed organizations. All the people including ethnic national brethren should further strive for the development, peace and tranquillity of the nation.

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