Eradicate bribery and wipe out corruption

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  • The corruption perception index, conducted annually, is an indication of how the world looks at a certain country. In the latest available index, Myanmar ranks toward the bottom — 130 out of 180 countries — in terms of how we are perceived by experts and businesspeople. Total eradication of bribery and corruption must be our national goal. Corruption can severely damage the dignity and image of every individual involved, as well as the national image.
    The Anti-Corruption Commission held a workshop in Nay Pyi Taw two days ago to discuss an investigation manual as part of the effort to fight corruption in the country.
    Our country is now in transition to a democracy. In going towards democracy, there are good as well as bad things. There are many ways to control bad deeds.
    The mission of the commission is to prevent corruption across the nation. Complaints received will be investigated by the commission and preventive works will also be carried out across the country. The work of the commission must be implemented ethically, with accountability and transparency. The making of rules and regulations for investigation is essential for the commission to be able to implement its works with accountability.
    There are many steps which need to be adopted to combat corruption. Corruption is a cause of poverty in a country. All citizens desire to eliminate the corruption. We are making efforts to satisfy the people and to fulfill their demands as much as we can. I would like to urge all our citizens not to neglect and forgive the act of taking bribery. We do need to operate with all of you to combat these malpractices together. Anti-corruption is the duty of every citizen.
    The drawing up of rules and regulations by the commission began in December 2017, and has now reached the final stage; it will soon be released to the public, according to the commission.
    The Anti-Corruption Commission produced an investigation manual at a workshop held at Thingaha Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw on Thursday. We welcome the efforts, believing that this will play a part in fighting the bad deeds.
    The establishment of rules and regulations needs to be in accordance with Myanmar’s current laws and international standards, and to be practically carried out.
    I would like to urge all businessmen not to become involved in corruption. There are three stages — the State level, the private sector and CSOs. All of them need to avoid these malpractices. Everyone should change their mindset and perform their tasks dutifully. We need to make concerted efforts to wipe out this corruption in our society.
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