Eradicate illegal trade to boost the State economy


Manufacturing and trade are essential pillars in propelling a State’s economy to new heights. Unfortunately, illegal trade activities often disrupt the manufacturing and trade processes, undermining the State’s economic stability. These illegal practices include illicit export and import operations, as well as smuggling goods without paying the rightful taxes to the government.
Every nation grapples with illegal trade to some extent, and governments worldwide are determined to combat these unscrupulous activities. The objective is not only to curb illegal trade but also to reduce inflation rates and maintain reasonable commodity prices. In Myanmar, the challenge of illegal trade has persisted across successive eras, demanding rigorous legal action against the culprits.
Public servants, as stewards of the State, hold significant responsibility in this endeavour. Their conduct directly influences the socio-economic well-being of the people and the State’s economic prospects. Therefore, taking strong action against those engaging in illegal trade is paramount to fostering economic development and advancing the State’s economic growth.
To achieve this, relevant government departments must closely monitor the hindrances to the State’s economic progress. Eradicating illegal trade can significantly contribute to enhancing the State’s economic prospects. Additionally, officials must prioritize countering illegal trade activities that hinder the competitive ability of domestic businesses in the local market.
Government personnel involved in this mission must face challenges and risks in carrying out their duties. They encounter hostility and danger from unscrupulous individuals who profit from illegal trade. In response, government ministries and organizations should employ a balanced approach, offering incentives to outstanding employees who perform exceptionally in combating and intercepting illegally imported and smuggled goods. Simultaneously, they should impose strict penalties on those who violate rules, regulations, and laws, thereby deterring further violations.
Presently, illegal trade seeks to infiltrate Myanmar’s domestic market. However, it need not be an insurmountable threat. A strong partnership between the government and the business community can ultimately succeed in eliminating illegal commodities. This endeavour serves the people by ensuring fair prices for goods and maintaining a stable inflation rate for society.
Tackling illegal trade is pivotal for the State’s economic well-being. By eradicating this menace, the State can secure a brighter economic future, protect its domestic businesses, and provide its citizens with the stability and affordability they deserve. It is a collective effort, with both the government and the private sector working hand in hand to pave the way for a thriving economy.

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25 February 2024