Eradicate the root cause


Crime rates in Myanmar have risen significantly over the past four years, and the patterns of criminal acts have been found unusual and varied. Criminals have become rather bold and have committed crimes anytime, anywhere. This being so, there has emerged a question as to why the rate of crimes has increased; is it because of poverty? Or the lack of a rule of law, or a deterioration of peoples’ characters?
In this juncture, it is worth recalling our national leader General Aung San, who, during a heated debate with the Indian Civil Service (ICS) personnel just three days before his assassination, had a different perspective from the ICS officials in regard to the root cause of high crime rate. At a time when the high-ranking ICS officials attributed the higher crime rates to an absence in the rule of law, General Aung San blamed the high crime rates on poverty. In the opinion of the ICS officials, crime suppression was needed to enhance and restore law and order and reinforce the rule of law. Nevertheless, General Aung San insisted on poverty alleviation.
They had a very long heated debate but General Aung San could have convinced the ICS officials that the root cause of increased outbreak of crime was poverty, which was required to be reduced.
When it comes to poverty, Myanmar has improved in terms of GDP growth, registering average seven per cent between 2011 and 2014. The growth rate is quite satisfactory. However, redistribution of wealth is an important factor to enable the most needy to enjoy the fruits of economic growth.
In this function, the World Bank, in a report released recently, has pointed out a very big gap between the rich and the poor, suggesting redistribution of wealth, effective management of state-owned enterprises, imposition of taxes to be able to raise the government revenue, effectuation of rural development and small and medium-size enterprises.
The Global New Light of Myanmar wants to highlight the root cause of increased crime rates, not downplaying the role of crime suppression squads in their attempt to restore law and order as well as to enforce the rule of law in co-operation with other law enforcement agencies.

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