Eradicating corruption will improve living standards

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  • President U Win Myint recently announced that he has given permission for the setting up of Corruption Prevention Units (CPUs) within government departments as part of his administration’s dynamic anti-graft efforts.
    The President issued the statement during the International Anti-Corruption Day commemoration in Yangon last week.
    There is a massive disparity in the distribution of wealth in Myanmar. The people of Myanmar have seen a wide range of injustices and unfairness due to the presence of corruption in many sectors, including politics, business, and judiciary.
    As President U Win Myint said in his speech, our Union Government has been “working strenuously to combat corruption as a national duty; we are also working for the emergence of a clean government with good governance; for more transparency, responsibility, and accountability; to prevent the wastage or loss of public funds; to protect public interest; to raise the knowledge level and character of the people; to take effective action against corruption; and for the emergence of a society free from corruption”.
    In 2013, the Anti-Corruption Act was enacted and in accordance with this law, the Anti-Corruption Commission was established in 2014. Since then the task of combatting corruption has been carried out as a national duty. During the tenure of the incumbent Government, the Anti-Corruption Act was amended to meet international standards. This was done with the aim of bringing forth a clean government with a system of good governance.
    This Commission has been given additional duties and powers to combat corruption and protect against corruption with full force and momentum. At the same time, it has been permitted to conduct investigations, take action, and initiate legal proceedings.
    It was the people’s wish that once the civilian government took oath, it would transform the demoralized civil society into a society free from corruption and degradation. This was the simple, honest wish of the people.
    Now is the time to eradicate corruption from society. We may not be able to immediately cleanse the deep-rooted influences of corruption from the country, but we can proceed with adherence to the law and with clear convictions to remove the major cases of corruption and bribery, and succeed.
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