Eradication of External Destructive Elements with Our Unity of Strength


There used to be colonization and invasions in the world from the very advent of human history till the end of 20th century. Imperialism which controls or influences other countries with its increasing power of military strength came to an end after the Second World War. In the post-cold war period, the United Nations, international organizations and the Great Powers made efforts for more imperialist wars not to emerge in our planet.
After aligned countries’ defeat against imperialist wars of countries in the polar region of the world, surrenders of the polar countries led to the end of the Second World War and made countries under colonial rule liberate. In fact, most of the global countries were under the colonial rule of Polar Countries and the Aligned Ones since the earlier time, thence they gained their Independence through the concerted efforts of their people at the cost of their lives.
At the Post-Second World War, imperialism disappeared, but the UN, international organizations and the Great Powers got involved in dealing with violations of human rights and terrorist attacks, based on power adjustment of the great powers—leftists and rightists and internal conflicts and unrest of small countries. At the present time, the said small nations are nearly losing freedom to govern their countries themselves, that is, their sovereignty, on account of co-existing with super powers and their followers desirous of intervening in other countries’ internal affairs.
At the Post-Cold War, there are allusive colonization and interventions emerging in our planet, based on weakness of some countries. It can be vividly seen from dialectical assessment of the events of split countries, and this will be a good example for us to take lessons. After the end of the Second World War, colonization which can consume a country’s Independence can be said to have ceased. Yet, we must take notice that there are still capitalism and imperialism which can totally destroy a country.
Colonialism and imperialism are really the same in essence. Capitalists are powerful, wealthy and proud. They never designate anyone as friend or foe, regarding them depending upon their personal benefits, as per their nature. They are not above making friends with foes if it will be fruitful for them, or vice versa. They tend to change their minds and get upset easily.
Having lived under colonial rule for over one hundred years, Myanmar acquired its Independence through concerted efforts of all the nationals living in the country. Throughout 70 years after gaining the Independence, we are still suffering from evil effects of colonial heritage. Now, external interventions and political instigations are being found, based on Myanmar’s internal affairs. To sum it up, we firmly believe that the acquired Independence and sovereignty will survive for ever only if the nation will be strengthened, and simultaneously we can eradicate all the foreign interventions we are now experiencing through the unity of strength.

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