Err on the side of caution


The National Disaster Management Committee has urged caution and encouraged the public in low-lying areas in Hpa-an, Bago and Shwegyin townships and Madauk to stay away from banks as the water levels in the rivers near them have exceeded the danger level.
The committee has also warned people living near the rivers and low-lying areas of Taungoo in Bago Region and Bilin in Mon State to be alerted to the floods and to keep informed of rising waters.
Meanwhile, many parts in Bago, Hpa-an, Shwegyin, Madauk, Taungoo and Bilin are under water, and many families still have not been able to move back into their homes.
The authorities in the flood-hit regions are also on alert paying attention to changing conditions, especially in low-lying areas, as the water levels of the rivers in the areas reached above their danger levels and expected to rise over the next day and remain above its danger level.
In a weather like this, anything can happen. Just be prepared.
Residents and authorities in flood-hit areas should always monitor their surroundings and heed warnings.
Motorists are urged to slow down and not to drive through floodwaters unless they know the water’s not too deep for driving. Never trying to drive through a flood is prudent for motorists, because six inches of water can cause loss of control, of the car and possible stalling.
If you are in your car when the water begins to rise quickly, abandon it and move to higher ground.
Motorists and people in flood-hit areas are facing travel chaos after the roads were flooded.
Another caution we should take is health threats caused by flood waters and standing water. The threats include infectious diseases, chemical hazards and injuries.
Communities in flood-hit areas are urged to decrease the risk of mosquito and other insect bites by wearing a long-sleeved shirt, using mosquito nets and insect repellent.
People should not forget to wash their hands with soap and water or to get them disinfected before preparing or eating foods. Do not allow children to play in flood waters or with toys that have been in contact with flood waters.
Be prepared and listen to all warnings issued for your area. Nobody can stop a force as fearsome as a flood.
Floods damage or destroy more homes than any other natural disaster.

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