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ESE increases meter box installation fees

The Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE) under the Ministry of Electric Power has increased meter installation fees for home use.
It was increased to K120,000 up from K90,000 starting 20 October.
The MoEP Union minister submitted the proposal to increase fees on 16 October to the State Administration Council office and it was permitted on 20 October.
Such an increase is another burden to those who start using the power, some considered.
“We apply for a meter but haven’t got a permit yet. The service fee rose an additional K30,000 when the previous fee was K90,000. K30,000 is such a large amount for us living hand-to-mouth. But we can’t do anything. The prices of every item are on the rise. We have to pay that amount as we want access to power,” said a housewife who applies for the meter.
The new rate will be K120,000 including K85,000 for infrastructure, K17,000 for a meter box, K8,000 for a breaker, K10,000 for other expenses, K4,000 deposit, K2,000 for cabling, 2,000 for connection, K1,000 for supervision and K1,000 for application.
The former fee of K90,000 was set on 1 April 2018. – TWA/GNLM

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