Ethics and Medical Doctors

  •  Daw Lwin Zar Naing Win

The following statements are asking for medical students.
Is it true or false?
1. “Your loss is my gain.” ( )
2. “I will do anything to gain”. ( )
3. “You can cheat on an examination so long as you don’t get caught”. ( )
4. You can do everything to get what you want without thinking about what kind of person will be.
( )
5. You can tell everything what you know at anytime about you know his or her personal affairs.
( )
6. You may not take into account the dignity of any others. ( )

If the answers are “yes” that we get from medical students, it is more dangerous from the other ”yes” from other students in different fields. People have unethically acted, the results have been very bad for the people who trusted them. What we are looking at is wrong doing by people in public life whom we have been accustomed to be trust. As I am being a teacher from Health & Human Resources Department, Ministry of Health & Sport, I would like to say that Medical Profession is not only the enrichment of martial prowess but also mental faculty with the lion heart and the lady’s fingers to save the human life; the most valuable and precious Noble profession to everybody in the world. If he is a good qualified doctor, he will be just like the Angel created by the God instead of him to save their life. Not only a good man but also a brilliant person who stands out of 100 is a little percentage among others in Myanmar. Humanity, Patience and Noble aim are the integrated qualities of 100% Ethical conductor Medical doctor. He can manage very well in his field and communicate among the medical society as well as to be handling the whole of Public Health with the target for the Noble aim to achieve their goals. He will be the Messenger from the God if it is a qualified Doctor having 100% Ethical conduct and consideration.
If we are concerned with right and wrong at the time of decision, our ethical sense overrules our concern for getting into “trouble”. How to be Ethical and practicing Ethics is the most important role for Medical field. I would like to present about “What is a medical doctor” “The quality of a good doctor” “Duties of doctor in General” “Duties of doctor to the sick” Duties of doctors to the others” “Ethical consideration from doctors’ point of view and how to train the outcome for 100% Ideal professional qualified doctors in Myanmar. Generally, Ethical consideration standards are based on core values such as honesty, respect and trust and formalized in the mission and value states. Medical profession is a high standard. Ethics of the doctors do affect to life of the public or patients as well. Wrongly treats patients, it can even endanger someone’s life. So, ethics should be taught as a part of every curriculum to expand peer counselling services offered at the Medical Campus.
With Love,
Lwin Zar Naing Win

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