Ethnic literature, culture attract visitors at Myitkyina Children’s Literature Festival

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Students observe the Shan traditional muscial instrument showcasing in the booth of the festival. Photo: Htein Nan Naw

Booths on ethnic literature and traditional culture at the Children’s Literature Festival at the Myitkyina University were crowded with visitors yesterday.
“We are very interested in ethnic literature and traditional culture displayed at the booths. Other booths also attracted our attention, and we gained general knowledge from them,” said Ma Wut Yi, a visitor.
It was unusual for visitors to see the traditional attire of ethnic people, which are colourful and adorned with valuable things.
“When I see the traditional dresses of ethnic people, I feel pride in their culture, because I see their culture has been rich since yore,” said Ma Wut Yi.
Visitors also enjoyed looking at traditional utensils and took photos with ethnic people dressed in traditional attire at the booths.
Ethnic tribes from Kachin State, including Tailong, Tailay, Tailai, Taisar, Taikhamti, Jinphaw, Lisu, Yawan, Zaiwah, Larchid, and Lawwaw, are showcasing their literature and culture at the three-day festival.
“I was delighted to see children observing the ethnic people’s culture and literature. I could see they took pride in and valued the culture of ethnic people,” said Ma Nan Myint Khaw from the Tailay booth.
Old and modern literature of Tailay, traditional tools used for writing, fishing equipment, and cooking utensils are being displayed at the booth.
Speaking about the Tailay ethnic tribe, Ma Nan Khaw said men and boys wear the same dresses, but women dress differently depending on their age.
“Schoolgirls wear short pants and short sarongs; adolescents wear turbans and colourful dresses; and, married women wear turbans, and white and grey dresses. Ornaments are made of silver,” she said.
A traditional weaving demonstration at the Lisu booth was packed with visitors.
Traditional bags made of bamboo and cane at the Yawan booth attracted children. Students took note of traditional hairstyles adorned with massive canines of wild pigs. Old and modern traditional dresses of the ethnic tribe are also being displayed at the booth.
The Children’s Literature Festival will be held from 20 to 22 January at the Myitkyina University.


— Shin Min (Translated by Kyaw Zin Lin)

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