Ethnic literature festival coming to Taunggyi

Shan 72An ethnic literature festival will be held in Taunggyi, Shan State from 21 to 25 March. The Ministry of Information and the Shan State Government held a meeting back in February to plan the literature festival.
The festival will not only promote ethnic literature and literary works but also exhibit traditional cuisine, textiles, clothing, and accessories.
The festival will bring ethnic people closer in support of the peace process and establishing a fderal democracy. Current plans for the festival include reading sessions on ethnic literature, culture and traditions, exhibitions on traditional food, vendors and entertainment programs.
Literary works of Shan ethnicities include the Taing Lone (Shan Gyi), Gone Shan, Taing Khem Ti, Taing Sar (or) Maing Tar, Taing Lai (Shan), Taing Nay (Shan), Wa, Pa-O, Danu, Inthar, Ta’aung (Palaung), Kokang, Kachin, Kayan, Yinnet, Yinkyar, Taung Yo, Tanaw, Lisu, Arkar, Lahu, and An people.
There will also be readings of 26 papers on ethic culture in Taunggyi University’s Graduation Hall.
There will also be 45 dance troupes performing traditional dances and modern dance performers as well in Awayyar Fire Balloon Grounds. –District IPRD

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