Ethnic National Development Party (ENDP) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Spokesperson for Ethnic National Development Party, U Raw Man presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 15 September.

Esteemed people

Greetings to you all. May you have peace of mind and good health.
I am the spokesperson for Ethnic National Development Party, U Raw Man. We are honoured for the opportunity to explain our party’s objectives to the public through radio and television.
A political party needs to be established with a global political view, international relations perspective, an individual nation’s political opinion, and the economic perspective of nationalities living in different regions. However, we will not go into every objective and detail of our Ethnic National Development Party but rather explain the main objective.
Everyone is aware that 135 distinct ethnic groups are living together in our country. They each have their own language and culture, religion or faith, and customs and traditions. There are sub-ethnic groups too, and they cannot be excluded. Their languages, culture and traditions need to be promoted and preserved. Our party aims to work hand in hand with a government that guarantees equal rights and opportunities to all ethnic groups, development and peaceful coexistence towards national development.

With this conviction, our party’s objectives are:
1. Emergence of a genuine democratic system.
2. Establishing a democratic federal union.
3. Ensuring ethnic groups receive their full rights, equal opportunities and self-determination.
The first point about a genuine democratic system is essential to everyone’s freedom and fairness and acceptable by all races. That is why our party will actively participate in the emergence of real democracy.
For the second point, establishing a democratic system in Myanmar by itself so it must be paired with a federal system. It is because the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is home to a multitude of ethnic groups and a federal system will ensure full rights for all ethnic groups and enact the services to be provided. Equal rights include continued social development, preserving literature, culture and customs, creating their own destinies, and allowing ethnic groups to define their borders.
The third point is about ethnic groups receiving equal rights. We will cooperate with the organizations trying to achieve this objective. This system enacts rights and services to be provided, which is why our nation needs to establish federalism so that citizens of the country can live together in harmony.
We can categorize the ethnic groups in Myanmar into two groups. The first group is different ethnic groups living together without geographical connections and the second group consists of those in the same geographical location. Some ethnic groups may live in the same geographical area. Still, they are under an administrative authority that governs at least three townships which presents challenges to improving and protecting society, literature and culture. We aim to request the government to restrict a specific administrative area for distinct ethnic groups that have adequate space and conditions in their location. Currently, they are viewed as ethnic minorities and can only participate in political parties as a partial strength without anyone to represent their ethnic group.
Our party contested in the 1990 multi-party elections as the Mara People’s Party. It changed to the cur-rent party name to compete in 2010, 2015 and now in 2020 for seats in Chin State Amyotha Hluttaw constituency 7 and 9 and Matupi Township constituency 2.
Myanmar’s political scene has caused differences in party politics between Central Myanmar and the ethnic regions. They do not have the same political views and activities. These differences can cause some ethnic groups to join larger political parties and have fewer chances to exercise their rights or voice their opinions.
Our Ethnic National Development Party is working hard for equal rights and peaceful coexistence, democratic system, establishing a democratic federal union, ensuring the inherent rights of ethnic groups, and self-determination. We implore the public to use their valuable ballot to vote for our party with the axe, maize and machete logo to achieve these goals.

Thanks to you all.

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