Ethnic rights strategy key to ensuring people enjoy equal rights

Peace is the sine qua non for our country, which is a union and home to diverse ethnic races.
For the perpetuation, peace, and development of the Union, we need to build unity among our ethnic people. To build unity, equitable opportunities or equal rights are necessary. That’s why our country is now marching towards the goal of establishing a federal democratic Union, which can guarantee equal rights to all people, protect their rights, and promote the spirit of responsibility among the people.
The strategy for the rights of ethnic races of our country which is being drafted is aimed at providing equal citizenship rights and the rights guaranteed by the Constitution to all ethnic people and will ensure the objectives of the protection of the ethnic rights law and success of the sustainable development plan.
It is found that this strategy is necessary for all ethnic people to have rights guaranteed by the law. As far as we implement the sectors by this strategy, the development gaps between the regions of ethnic people will be narrowed year by year. The drafting of the strategy needs to be in line with the policy and expectations of the government.


The role of the ethnic rights strategy would be vital to ensuring full rights to ethnic people of the Union.

It is known to all that ethnic affairs issues are playing an important role in building a federal democratic country.
We need to intensify the efforts for fulfilling the inspirations of the ethnic people and for ensuring the strategy to have objectives that should be included. Besides, we should not forget that the strategy must be implemented successfully in a 10-year period from 2021 to 2030 to ensure that the needs of the people in every region could be fulfilled fully in that period.
The role of the ethnic rights strategy would be vital to ensuring full rights to ethnic people of the Union.
We all are living on the same land and drinking the same water. We all are travellers on the same boat. The resources we all rely on for our livelihood are the same. This reflects that our country is a Union.
All the people and officials in the respective sectors are obliged to contribute to building an ideal country that ensures all ethnic people of the Union enjoy equal rights.

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