EU supports Myanmar’s transition to democracy

* The European Union and its Member States with presence in Myanmar wish to celebrate with Myanmar and its people the International Day of Democracy, and seize this opportunity to voice our support for the great strides made by Myanmar during the last years on its path to democracy.
* Strong democratic institutions, the right to participation, a vibrant civil society, freedom of expression, access to information and press freedom are crucial cornerstones of a democratic society.
* As Myanmar gears up for the elections while boldly facing the worldwide pandemic that curses all our countries, political participation and freedom of speech need special safekeeping. The election process must embrace all who want to participate; women and men, young and elderly from all communities, ethnicities and religions. The opportunity to vote and be elected is crucial. Each and everyone should be free to express their point of view and be heard, be it through traditional or social media. A vibrant debate lies at the heart of every democratic project, reminding us that discerning views reflect the different needs and concerns across the far reaches of the country.
* We take this opportunity to recall that the European Union and its Member States enjoy a partnership with Myanmar that stretches beyond a single election, reiterating our firm commitment to walk the long road towards democracy and peace with the Myanmar people
(Signed by Ambassadors and Heads of European Union Missions with presence in Myanmar EU, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden).—European Union in Myanmar

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