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EU to implement a five year nationwide police reform program

THE European Union (EU), which has been implementing a series of reform initiatives for the Myanmar police force, will continue with their activities over the coming five year period, expanding to more parts of the country, it is learnt.
“The situation [of the Myanmar police force] in Myanmar cannot be changed in just a couple of years. Changes to the police force require patience. In the next five years we will implement reform programs for the police force on a nationwide scale.” said Ms. Karin Deckenbach.
But the Human Rights Defence Group is quick to point out that the EU has already been working together with the Myanmar police force for some time in implementing its reform activities, which have had little positive affect.
“The Myanmar police force reform programs are yet to show any positive results. Yes, the EU has given training. But, just look at the example of the Letpadan student protests. Reformation of the police force must also come from the side of the government as well. The EU is carrying out its activities but no impact has been felt as yet. The discussion groups and trainings will at least have some benefit though.” commented Ko Aung Naing Oo, international relations officer of the Human Rights Defence Group.
The EU conducted training sessions with the Myanmar police between 2013-15 on cooperation with the general public and ability to control the mobs.
Ms. Karin Deckenbach, head of the EU’s media and civil society sector, said the nationwide police reform programs will be conducted in all State and Regions of the country, while long term initiatives will prove to be beneficial for the country.
The public need to understand and accept the police during the reformist period of the Myanmar police force, while policemen across the country also need to always protect the good people commented U Nay Myo Naing, chief adviser for the EU’s police reform program.
The EU has made it known that there should be the emergence of organisations to monitor the reform process of the Myanmar police force.—Myitmakha News Agency

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