Everybody has a Duty

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  • Dr. Nu Nu Win
  • On 1st April, we have had a By-election in our country. Most of the citizens were dutiful indeed to go and vote at their respective booths for the election of the people’s representatives.
    After this election, we have voted and chosen another group of people’s representatives who will perform their duties in the Parliament. And from this time onwards, the newly chosen representatives have the duty to take care of the citizens in their respective constituencies and work for the betterment of their regions. They have to think of the people who have elected them as their benefactors and always try to work for the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the region and its people. So also, they have the duty to keep their regions peaceful and develop in accordance with the present laws and regulations. They need to discuss in the Parliament for the betterment of their regions and their people.
    Not only the people’s representatives, but also the people who have chosen them have responsibility to follow the laws and regulations, and also try to do their best to be dutiful citizens. They should also keep in their mind to try their best for the development of the region and should do what they can to make their region peaceful. It is their responsibility to help their representatives for the benefit of their regions and its people.
    They should try to become good citizens by trying to keep their wards clean, to make sure not to litter the streets, to obey the municipal laws, and to take part in community efforts to keep the streets safe from lawless elements.
    And they also have the duty to monitor the performance of their elected representatives to find out whether they are working for the interests of the people. If not they need to prevent them from being elected again. When the next election comes they should be more careful to elect a better representative who will keep the promises given during the election campaign and someone who will gain the confidence and trust of the citizens in the constituency.
    That is why the writer wishes to say that everybody has his or her responsibility after the present By-election.
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