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Everybody needs to make preparations for easing the impacts of climate change: Senior General

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The Senior General views round the exhibition in marking World Water Day 2023.

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If the conservation of watershed areas and forests can be done, the shortage of water can be eased, contributing to climate and health of the people, said Chairman of National Water Resource Committee Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the ceremony to mark World Water Day at the Myanmar International Convention Centre-II in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
In his address, the Senior General said that the development of urban areas and industries demands a larger volume of water year by year. On the other hand, climate change and human activities make impacts on water sources and the environment, lessening the water sources. Therefore, all global countries are trying to solve the reduction of water sources.
This year’s theme for World Water Day was set as Accelerating Change. Water covers 71 per cent of the world, 96.5 per cent of which are oceans and seas. The remaining 3.5 per cent of water is freshwater and renewable water. Among them, 68 per cent of water becomes glaziers and icy plains in the poles and 30 per cent underground. Therefore, some 0.5 per cent of water above ground can be seen as fresh water.
It can be said that Myanmar is teeming with various sorts of rivers and creeks, lakes and natural springs, accounting for 1.7 per cent of freshwater possession across the world. Therefore, it can be said that Myanmar has a plentiful volume of freshwater.
However, some parts of the nation are still faced with shortages of drinking water in summer. Moreover, some rural areas encounter difficulties in socioeconomic life due to shortages of water in agriculture and livestock farms.
The government is undertaking to lay pipelines of springs to the people in water-scarce areas, sinking tube wells, build dams and reservoirs as well as river water pumping stations, and underground sluice gates for storage and distribution of freshwater to the people through various ways and means. People from these areas need to systematically use water, store rainwater and utilize underground water.
If the conservation of watershed areas and forests can be done, the shortage of water can be eased, contributing to climate and health of the people. Everybody needs to make preparations for easing the impacts of climate change. It is necessary to consider policies on climatic conditions and water. Water resources are a good tool to resist climate change. Hence, all need to seek cheap water supply facilities and treatment methods.
The Senior General stressed the need to enhance technological cooperation, consultation and mutual cooperation in the utilization of sustainable water. The people were also requested to save water and electricity, participate in growing trees for environmental conservation and avoid undisciplined disposal of garbage to conserve water sources and the environment.
In conclusion, the Senior General requested friendly countries and non-governmental organizations to continuously cooperate in development undertakings on the water by relevant ministries under the leadership of the government. All the people were also urged to participate in the tasks of water sufficiency for all living beings as a national duty and help in the tasks of implementing the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations.
The Senior General presented prizes to winners in the 2023 World Water Day commemorative article contest.
Vice-Chairman of the committee Deputy Prime Minister and Union Minister for Transport and Communications Admiral Tin Aung San gave consolation prize winners in the article contest.
The Senior General and party enjoyed a video clip on 2023 World Water Day and visited the exhibition to mark World Water Day 2023.
The 2023 World Water Day was observed to enable the people to know undertakings on the water sector, water problems and ways to solve them by water-related ministries, to educate those who are related to the water and to unveil the participation of Myanmar in international activities related to the water. — MNA/TTA

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