Excavation of ancient brick wall to be conducted in Kalay Township

Photo shows ancient brick wall in Kalay Township.  Photo: Chindwin Thar
Photo shows ancient brick wall in Kalay Township.  Photo: Chindwin Thar

EXCAVATION of ancient brick wall that emerged due to recent river erosion in Kalay Township, Sagaing Region, will be carried out by respective organizations in cooperation with archeologists, according to the History Department of Kalay University.
The 30-foot long and five-feet wide old brick wall emerged after erosion of the bank of Myittha River due to heavy rain that hit TaungU Village in the township on 13 September. An official of the History Department said that an old brick is 15-inch long and 7-inch wide.
With the assistance of experts, a systematic excavation will be performed in the site through stage by stage approaches as there are some barriers to carry out excavation in the rainy season.
One of residents said even the elders of the village cannot tell about the existence of old brick wall in the area. Some parts of the wall collapsed when the water level of Myittha River increased.
According to the team of the aforementioned department led by its Associated Professor Dr Tin Maung Htwe, some pieces of pot and jar that are believed to be made in the post Bagan period or Ava period. Based on these findings, it is estimated that the wall was established between the past 700 years and 1,000 years.
A local collector of ancient object said his view that the wall is expected this will be the evidence to resolve a dispute about the establishment of the town. According to a word-of-mouth communication, Kalay Town has been established since over the past 1,050 years.
The four-foot high and 100-feet long ancient brick wall also appeared in the township in mid-2016. Almost all parts of the wall fell down the river during this rainy season, residents say.—Chindwin Thar3

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