Exercise restraints and patience

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Rakhine state has unique geographical nature with a long coastal line. Despite possession of good economic bases, Rakhine unfortunately lacks proper infrastructure, and has quite a complicated background history.
These things considered, one can see that effective measures are needed for effectuation of the development of Rakhine state.
In fact, the successive governments have also exerted effort for the development of the state. Nevertheless, its unique circumstances had prevented them from achieving the targets of their development projects. This being so, the incumbent government has identified the issues that hinder the development, and formed a national-level development committee chaired by State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, who formed the working committees which include high-ranking public officials from various ministries.
Although the new government is only in its nascent stage, it has given priority to the task of restoration of stability and peace as well as to development of Rakhine state, which has lagged
There are 142 targets to be achieved by the ministries concerned. Some of the targets have already been achieved but there
remain some targets to be fulfilled yet.
In this regard, it is worth recalling what the state counsellor has given as the development guidelines, which require the respective authorities’ earning the love and trust of the local people whose participation in the implementation of development activities play a cardinal role. She has also emphasized that those involved in implementation of development activities must prove by concrete results. Her guidance is quite appropriate because only when the development activities have yielded concrete results, can the trust be built. And only with confidence building can the decades long conflicts between the two communities in the Rakhine state be solved. As these conflicts are of subtle, delicate nature, both sides are needed to exercise restraints and patience.
At a time when the government is exerting strenuous effort for stability, peace and development of Rakhine state, the entire mass of
people, both communities in Rakhine state and government departments are
required to actively participate in the development activities together with civil society organizations, local and international NGOs and development partners and donors.

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