Expedite tripartite efforts for the emergence of outstanding youths

Education and knowledge are primary foundations for building a developed nation. A larger number of educated persons will help contribute to the development of human resources as well as various sectors including economic, social and health sectors. As such, the government is placing an emphasis on the improvement of the education sector for the sake of emerging a developed nation in the future.
In this regard, new generations of students are playing a key role in modernizing the country. The governments in successive eras have been honouring outstanding students with highly-qualified physical and mental strengths in order to come out the well-versed citizens of the nation.
At the school family day family for the 2022-23 academic year being celebrated at basic education schools across the nation, local authorities presented deserved prizes to outstanding students in the essay, poem, painting and sports competitions as part of emerging morally-qualified and educated youths.
According to the statistics, it can be found that more than 18 million of the 55 million total population, accounting for some 10 per cent have completed primary and middle school education due to various reasons. Hence, it is necessary to strive for raising the percentage of people who complete middle school education.
Teachers need to be skilful in teaching techniques as well as in a literary and wider range of scope for knowledge. They must be qualified for teaching students to be able to turn out outstanding youths. They have to train students to have good practices for society, good mindsets, techniques, rationality and critical thinking.
Basic education schools should be facilitated with sports equipment such as sports grounds and gymnasiums to build health and fitness for students and to culture esprit de corps among them. In fact, sports activities and esprit de corps of students can save them from the danger of narcotic drugs which target the youths in global countries.
If teachers and students are always trying to teach and learn education between them with the contributions of parents, the learning society will improve day by day. If so, outstanding students and well-versed youths will emerge one after another in the education sector and they will be a reliable strength for the State to shoulder the State duties in the future.
The emergence of outstanding youths is based on nurturing the students. Only when laying the foundation is stronger will the result be better. Hence, the tripartite efforts among students, parents and teachers need to uplift their capacities for turning out outstanding students and youths.

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