Explanation of SWRR Ministry’s policy and work processes

Dr. Win Myat Aye addresses the meeting with members of the Hluttaw Affairs Committee. Photo: MNA
Dr. Win Myat Aye addresses the meeting with members of the Hluttaw Affairs Committee. Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement (SWRR) Dr. Win Myat Aye explained his ministry’s policy and work processes that directly benefit the people to Hluttaw affairs committee members in the Hluttaw compound’s Zabuthiri meeting hall yesterday.
Pyithu Hluttaw Deputy Speaker U T Khun Myat said members of the Hluttaw, as elected representatives of the people, have a duty to pass laws as well as to conduct a check-and-balance function.
“All are urged to put their best efforts in conducting works that directly benefit the people”,, he said.
The Deputy Speaker added that in the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) meeting that he attended recently, he was able to explain to an international audience the works done by the government for the Rakhine region by emphasising on the works of the SWRR Ministry. For this, he recognises and thanks the officials and staff of the SWRR Ministry.
Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye spoke about being able to conduct more works that benefit the people directly when the government and Hluttaw work together. The ministry was able to provide a cash support system to mothers and children from birth to two years old, as well as a monthly social pension payment to elders above 90 years of age. Arrangements are now underway to expand the ministry from two departments to three departments, with the addition of the Department of Rehabilitation.
“As our ministry is responsible for social matters from conception to the old age, it is important to set up policy that allows living a life in dignity and to develop safely. As the requirements of the people are best known by Hluttaw representatives who are always among the people, it is believed that working together with Hluttaw representatives would benefit the people the most. Works will be continued and implemented to obtain the strength of the people all over the country to free the country of conflict and become developed”, said the Union Minister.
Directors general from the three departments under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement then explained their work processes and future work programmes. Hluttaw representatives who are Hluttaw affairs committee members in attendance then discussed and suggested requirements of the people from their respective constituencies, availability of land for township offices, children’s affairs, women’s rights, the status of participating in natural disaster preparation works, drug rehabilitation, handicapped rights and old-age pensions, to which the Union Minister and officials provided answers and explanations.—Myanmar News Agency

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