Exporters need to apply for licence for over 1,200 items: MoC


By Nyein Nyein

Out of more than 10,000 goods, only over 1,200 goods are necessary to apply for an export licence, according to an announcement of the Ministry of Commerce released on 8 July. The Ministry of Commerce requires a total of 1,224 items to apply for export licences under HS Code 2017 version, which contains alive animals, rare fish species and animal products, medicinal plants, forest products, mining products, raw materials and restricted chemical products, explosive devices, fertilizers and antiques. HS code 2017 requires applying for the export licence but the government has relaxed this licence requirement rule step by step. Previously, it was necessary to apply for the export licence for over 10,000 items. Thanks to relaxation, only 1,224 HS lines are necessary to apply for the export licence. The Ministry of Commerce has exercised the power vested in it by Article 13 Sub Article (b) of Import Export Law in relaxation of the rule to apply for the export licence with the objective to streamline the trading process.
In doing so, assessment is made annually as to which commodity lines should be exempted from the application process.
This relaxation notification will come into effect beginning from 1 August and this notification will overrule Notification 9/2018 issued on 8 February 2018 by the Ministry of Commerce. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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