Exporters to ship watermelon, musk melon daily under quantity setting system

By Nyein Nyein

According to a statement released by the Fruit Commodity Depot in Muse 105-mile trade zone, the trucks carrying the watermelon and musk melon will be allowed to export the fruits under the quantity setting system of controlling the market.
Starting from 5 January, the Ho Naung (Kyinsankyawt) border crossing, a majority route of fruit export, has extended the opening time from 7 am to 8:30 pm. Although more trucks with watermelon and musk melon could be exported, Myanmar will export the fruits with a limit to quantity to control the market.
“During the last few days, there was a blockade of the lorries in Wantein ground because of the shortage of labourers and drivers,” said Vice-Chair U Aung Thet Oo of Fruit Commodity Depot in Muse 105-mile trade zone.
“Around 24 or 25 December, our lorries loaded with fruits entered the sale ground. But, there were not enough workers and drivers on that ground, and it took many days. Some could not even find their vehicles. We have tried to adjust to the sale ground operation systematically,” he added.
Moreover, the vehicle accidents occurred because more trucks entered the exchange ground exceeding limited capacity.
“The exchange ground can accommodate only 300 or 400 lorries. There are so many lorries on the ground, and there are also some collisions there. If we could reduce the number of lorries entering the ground, we could also reduce the number of accidents,” explained U Aung Thet Oo.
Fruit Commodity Depot with Muse 105-mile trade zone announced on 5 January that the trucks would be entered to the exchange ground under the Fruit Commodity Depot and Truck Supervision Board management. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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