Exports from fishery sector fetched over US$500million this FY

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Workers sort out prawns at the cold-storage factory.

The export of fishery products as of 10th March this Fiscal Year hit US$525.986million, which is an increase of US$93.929million from that of the similar point last FY, according to statistics released by the Commerce Ministry.
The fisheries exports attained over US$668mil in 2011-2012, over US$493mil in 2012-2013 and over US$341mil in 2013-2014. The figure then declined slightly, but thevexport value was a bit up in 2015-2016 FY with over US$469mil.
Erratic weather adversely affected fisheries production and fish resources, and offshore fishing does not look very promising. As a result of this, to boost the export volume, the fish farming sector is being prioritised and concerted efforts are needed to be exerted by all the stakeholders in the fisheries export supply chain, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and Myanmar Fishery Federation (MFF).
Those engaged in Myanmar’s fish and prawn farming need to switch over to a modern farming method from the traditional one. Adopting modern farming techniques can help prevent the fish from infectious disease, increase the growth rate of fish and prawn and help clean the farming lakes, according to MFF.
To control the quality of lake water, the farmers should also conduct testing at the laboratories of the Fisheries department.
Saltwater and freshwater prawn farming businessmen are being faced with difficulties. Out of 27 hatcheries for freshwater prawns, only four are left due to the difficulty in reproduction process.
Similarly in saltwater farming, only some prawn farmers are able to farm the saltwater prawns and they are faced with difficulty in maintaining the gene.
Only 40,000 tonnes of freshwater and saltwater prawns can be produced in the country and the prawns are being imported from Thailand, it is learnt.
Ko Htet

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