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Extremists arrested for explosive actions in Hline Township, Yangon Region

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According to the reports, explosives were hidden on the third floor, Building No. (16), No. (6) Ward, Botahtaung Township, Yangon Region, on 10 August, and security forces searched the area.
Three extremist youths: Wai Phyo Aung, Thiha Kaung Set and Poe Kyawt Kyawt Khant were arrested inside the apartment along with 16 hand grenades, two soft TNT bars and other explosive devices, according to the reports.
According to the statements of the defendants involved in the incident and reports from citizens, security forces raided a house, Building No. (36), 6th floor, 22nd Street, (6) Ward, in Latha Township on 15 September.
On the spot, Thaw Zin Soe, Kyaw Naing Aung (aka) Azel and Min Phyoe Thaw were arrested with two homemade guns, two 9mm bullets, one mine, 12 handmade bombs, one grenade and 16 sound bombs and 23 accessories.
According to the statement of the arrested extremists, Aung Myo Thu (aka) Thagi was arrested with three grenades in the lane beside Building No. (53), (7) Ward, Lanmadaw Road, Lanmadaw Township at around 4 pm.
Htet Swe Phyo, Soe Thiha Min and Joseph Van Lian Hmon (aka) Joseph were arrested along with 10 bullets of 9mm and one bullet of 5.56mm and accessories at apartment No. 101, Pyinya Parami Yeiktha, Parami Street, Hline Township.
Nay Thway, Kyaw Ko Ko and Kyaw Min Tun were also arrested at the Yuzana Hotel in Bahan Township. On 16 September, Min Min Soe and Zaw Zaw Han were arrested near the No. 3 Highway checkpoint in Yangon.
A total of 12 extremists were arrested in connection with the Highway equipment.
Among them, Aung Myo Thu attended explosion training in the KNLA Brigade 5 area.
Min Phyo Thaw, Nay Thway, Kyaw Ko Ko, Min Min Soe and Zaw Zaw Han also attended a explosion training course organized by the Kayah State Strike Committee led by NLD members near Moebye.
Nine extremists: Min Phyo Thaw, Nay Thway, Kyaw Ko Ko, Min Min Soe, Zaw Zaw Han, Thaw Zin Soe, Kyaw Naing Aung, Aung Myo Thu and Kyaw Min Tun formed the Spring Soldier-SS squad under Yangon Urban Guerrilla Revolution (YUG) group under the supervision of Min Thet Naung (aka) Saddam Gyi (aka) Beard (remaining to be arrested).
On 10 May, at the behest of Min Thet Naung, four suspects named Min Phyo Thaw, Nay Thwe, Min Min Soe and Zaw Zaw Han detonated two homemade bombs in front of a house to assassinate the administrator of Myaynigone(North) Ward.

Min Thet Naung, Min Phyoe Thaw and Kyaw Ko Ko made handmade bomb explosions on a platform in front of the township power station near the Idol bar on Insein Road.
Former NLD MP Thawda Aung provided links to attend explosion training to commit such acts of action. Thawdar Aung also provided financial support for the explosion when the trainees returned.
Next, Soe Thiha Min, Htet Swe Phyo, Joseph Van Lian Hmon and Kyaw Htet Aung (remaining to be arrested) launched an explosive training course at Soe Thiha Min’s house on Parami Road in Hline Township.
With cooperation with illegal organizations, young extremists intended to prevent security forces from operating their duties in some townships, factories were set on fire, and administrators were also assassinated.
Security measures are being stepped up to prevent attending explosion training in connection with some ethnic armed groups, and stockpiling weapons and amv munition.
Officials will take effective legal action against the arrested extremists, according to the report.
It is reported that officials called on the people to work together to protect the extremism and to work together for peace and stability in the towns and villages as soon as possible. — MNA

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