Fake news about death of baby boy exposed

Authorities made a field trip to Maungtaw to reveal the truth as fake news about the death of a baby, allegedly a victim of forced vaccination, was spread on social media.
A Facebook user with account name of Ro Nay San Lwin accused authorities of forced vaccination of children in Makyichaung in Ward (4), Khamoungseik , Maungtaw District on 23 December and said that a child died because of the vaccination on the morning of 25 December while three other children had to be hospitalised. Upon arrival and after an investigation on the ground, authorities found out that the incident was fabricated. The seven-month old baby boy on social media, identified as the son of U No Arlong, was not on the list of children who had recently received vaccinations. He died of respiratory problems and dysentery on 24 December.
The Rural Healthcare Centre in Tamantha Village in Maungtaw had administered vaccination to 23 babies under the age of one year and seven pregnant women on 22 December, it is learnt.—MNA

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